Brewmeister snake venom

Snake Venom has been the world’s strongest beer, at 67. It has a sweet, nutty aroma, a fruity flavour and fiery, intense finish. Snake Venom, from Scottish brewery, Brewmeister, clocks in at a stomach-burning ABV.

If you need to know anything about our beers or availability please do not hesitate and simply get in touch! Brewmeister is a Scottish brewery based in Keith, Moray. In 201 Brewmeister replaced Armageddon with a stronger beer called Snake Venom claiming 67.

ABV, and put a warning label on the bottle¬†. Lab tests have confirmed the super strength of Brewmeister’s Snake Venom, which is made in Keith, Scotlan and has an alcohol content of 68¬†. Brewmeister Snake Veno275ml Bottle of Snake Venom by Brewmeister – world’s strongest beer: Amazon.