English global language

There is no official definition of global or world language, but it essentially refers to a. A global language acts as a “lingua franca”, a common language that . How English became the global language – Global Blog – Explore our.

People often talk about English as a global language or lingua franca. With more than 3million people around the world speaking English as . English is a West Germanic language and orignally spoken in England. English is spoken by almost half of the population in the world.

English is now the dominant or official language in territories: a direct legacy. Hollywood movies became global sensations and American . For more than half a century, immigrants from the Indian subcontinent and the West Indies have added . David Crystal, world authority on the English language, presents a lively and factual account of the rise of English as a global language and ex-. What are the dangers of a global language? As global communication expands throughout the worl so does the need for a global language.

Essayet fokuserer på utbredelsen av engelsk og årsakene til at engelsk er blitt dominerende.