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Interesting facts about english-speaking countries and cultures: Cultural Studies – English-speaking countries (intermediate learner B2) – India – Learning . The following is a list of English-speaking population by country, including information on both. Indian English is any of the forms of English characteristic of India.

India ranks out of countries in the 20EF English Proficiency Index published by the EF Education First. Due to protests from Tamil Nadu and other non-Hindi-speaking states, it was decided to temporarily retain . They say India is the second largest English-speaking nation in the. Currently, of India’s population or 1million people can supposedly speak English.

List of countries by English-speaking population). Firstly, statistics can be a little misleading. Although India has a large English speaking. When will India become an English speaking country? This is a list of English speaking countries where English is . CountryRegionPopulationAntigua and BarbudaCaribbean8000.

English or Hinglish – which will India choose? India now claims to be the world’s second-largest English-speaking country. The most reliable estimate is around of its population or 125 .

British were effectively controlling most parts of the country. English-speaking community outside the USA and the UK. I think hardly people in India can speak fluent English.