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Powerpoint como ejercicio práctico para curso de creación de materiales (blog). ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES AUSTRALIA CANADA . ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES WHERE DO PEOPLE SPEAK ENGLISH?

A collection of ESL, EFL downloadable Powerpoint presentations, games and activities to teach about english speaking countries. What main languages do people speak in those countries? Largest city: New York city; National language: English; DemonyAmerican . English speaking countries and Commonwealth – an introduction. The World of English-speaking countries.

New Zealand English is an official language in countries and the biggest of them are:. The English – speaking countries The term is used for the countries where the majority of population speaks English as their mother tongue. Notes about how I expected the students to carry out the homework tasks.

Learn how our English Speaking Countries Map can quickly enhance the impact of your PowerPoint Presentation. This PPT slide set showing English Speaking Countries Map has slides of the world highlighting countries where English is spoken, is an official language or . For each of the Culture of English-Speaking Countries course fact sheets, I’ve made a corresponding PowerPoint presentation that more or less . Презентация на тему English-speaking countries до уроку з англійської мови. Below are links to my powerpoint presentations for this special class.

Each lesson includes some links, and an activity at the end of the lesson. United Nations Workshop on Principles and Recommendations for a Vital Statistics System, Revision for African English-speaking countries. Все презентации созданы в PowerPoint 2007.