Flux unit

Gå til Flux as flow rate per unit area. In physics, specifically electromagnetism, the magnetic flux through a surface is the surface integral of the normal component of the magnetic field B passing through that surface. The SI unit of magnetic flux is the weber (Wb) (in derived units: volt-seconds), . In physics, the weber ˈveɪbər/ (symbol: Wb) is the SI unit of magnetic flux.

A flux density of one Wb/mis one tesla. In physics and engineering, mass flux is the rate of mass flow per unit area, perfectly overlapping with the momentum density, the momentum per unit volume. FLUXUNIT is the OSRAM incubator program to explore and open up new business.

Learn what magnetic flux means and how to calculate it. German physicist and co-inventor of the . Note that the flux unit of L/hr/mis usually abbreviated as Lmh and gal/d/ftas gfd. Many physics book and parts of vaguely say that the integral on the left side represents the electric flux, and thus it has units of .