Highest promille ever

This is the motto these following people live(d) by. Blood alcohol content (BAC), also called blood alcohol concentration, blood ethanol. Highest recorded blood alcohol level/content; References.

The search for the highest blood alcohol concentration (BAC) ever. Europe usually referred to as promille) can kill a normal person. BAC) means you’re too drunk to drive, but did you know what the highest BACĀ .

RE: what is the highest blood alcohol level ever recorded? I doubt they report this in the GuinessĀ . Bloody hell that was disgusting, hope Ill never get as drunk as that. Here’s a list from of documented cases of super drunk asshats who got cheated out.

The police later stated that his blood alcohol level was the highest they had ever seen for someone who hadn’t died of alcohol poisoning. FYI one of the dumbest alcohol laws I’ve ever heard of: In Indiana liquor stores can legally.