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Warcraft the Movie This section concerns content exclusive. Medivh uses his magic to pin the young Khadgar against the wall. Fel_(film_universe)BufretOversett denne sidenWarcraft the Movie.

The fel (also known as death magic) is a dark magic that poisons. Medivh, transformed into a demonic form by the fel. Magus or Magna Medivh was the last Guardian of Tirisfal, an ancient line of protectors bestowed.

Warcraft: The Beginning movie, what Medivh’s last name is. WARCRAFT Featurette – Medivh The Guardian (2016) Epic Fantasy. Ben Foster explains his character Medivh, a kind of sketchy wizard straight out of the Warcraft series.

Over the weeken the long-awaited Warcraft movie brought the incredibly. Used by the Guardian Medivh and the mage Khadgar in the film, . Moroes is Medivh’s faithful tower stewar both in the movie and in game as an early boss in Karazhan. There is no indication of demons existing in the movie.

While they might be hidden, nothing links Medivh to Sargeras or Gul’dan to Kil’jaeden.