Microbiota decussata

Planten har frisk grønn farge i vekstsesongen. Microbiota decussata står i nært slektskap med einer. Microbiotaslekten (latin: Microbiota) er en slekt av nåletrær i sypressfamilien.

Den har bare én art – Microbiota decussata – som vokser i det østlige Sibir i . Microbiota is a monotypic genus of evergreen coniferous shrub in the cypress family Cupressaceae, containing only one species, Microbiota decussata The . Microbiota decussata, commonly called Siberian cypress or Russian arborvitae, is a dwarf, evergreen conifer that forms a shrubby ground cover to 8-12” tall with . Find help information on Microbiota decussata Russian arbor-vitae from the RHS.

Felleskjøpet nettbutikk – Microbiota Decussata – Krypbiota. And Microbiota decussata, the so-called Siberian cypress, distinguishes itself just a little further, turning a bronzy-purplish cast in winter. Microbiota Decussata – Common name:Siberian Cypress, Russian Cypress – Low evergreen radiating mat, Microbiota is adaptable to poor dry soils in sun and . Microbiota decussata is known as a radiating low shrub that functionally serves as a fine-textured prostrate woody groundcover, undergoing a foliage-color .

Low spreading, trailing evergreen; Fan-like foliage is dark green in the summer; Turns a bronze-purple colour in the fall; Use . Microbiota decussata: A Versatile Conifer. A Floridata Plant Profile 8Microbiota decussata. Common Names: Russian arborvitae, Siberian cypress Family: Cupressaceae (cypress Family) . Microbiota decussata (Russian Cypress) – Perhaps a little overuse but one of the prettiest ground covers, with it’s feathery, arching branches. Microbiota decussata Siberian Carpet Cypress.

Beautiful in texture and color this evergreen gives year round interest to the garden. The sole species in Microbiota Komarov 192 it was first recorded by botanist I. Shishkin in 192 in the mountains northeast of Vladivostok . Microbiota decussata grows as a neat, circular, mound and is increasingly chosen in place of some spreading junipers. Microbiota decussata Russian Carpet Cypress.

An excellent shade tolerant replacement for juniper, Microbiota offers graceful, lacy, deep . Home Plant Catalog Siberian Cypress. Russian Cypress is one of the hardiest plants you could ever grow tolerating temperatures down to -without batting an eye.