Mortons toe

Morton’s toe is the condition of a shortened first metatarsal in relation to the second metatarsal. Home › Foot ConditionsBufretLignendeOversett denne sidenMorton’s toe leads to excessive pressure on the second metatarsal head (behind the second toe at the ball- of-the-foot) resulting in pain similar to the discomfort . Lots of people think they have a weird foot because it looks like the second toe is longer than the big toe.

It is actually quite common, so common in . This 119word article is the most complete site on the web concerning the Morton’s Toe and Dr. It includes what is a Morton’s Toe, how to. Morton’s toe is a common variant shape of the foot that is characterized by the second toe of the foot being the longest.

The name Morton’s Toe derives from American Orthopedic Surgeon, Dudley Joy Morton. Know how to effectively deal with Morton’s Foot Syndrome. At ProKinetics, we are committed to helping people walk with confidence.

Here you will find that our natural body balance insoles for flat feet and . Morton’s toe (more correctly called Morton’s foot) refers to a second toe that appears longer than the big toe, because the first metatarsal bone . The condition commonly known as a Morton’s toe is also called Morton’s syndrome and long toe.