Thor 6 satellite position

Forecasted events for THOR : Normal TLE source, Epoch:09. BufretLignendeOversett denne sidenThor (Intelsat 1W, IS-1W) satellite technical details, its charts, beams and coverage maps. This satellite is below horizon in Mountain View, United States. Total Ku, Total C, Free To Air only, TV, Radios. Scandinavian Satellite Radio, Telenor, Clear, 91 31nor, 12 317 2016-01-16.

Find the elevation and compass heading of any satellite as long as you know the dish installation address, and the name or longitude of the satellite you wish to . West is an orbital satellite position used by satellites belonging to Telenor Satellite.

Thor ist ein Fernsehsatellit des norwegischen Telekommunikationsunternehmens Telenor Satellite Broadcasting AS. Select the Satellite and enter your location and hit Enter to calculate or just move the green Dish to the desired location to Auto Calculate.

UPC Direct: CTon his new position on THOR 6. UPC DTH today made several important reconfiguration of its satellite pay TV UPC Direct on . Quelle taille de parabole pour capter le satellite Thor ? Zone de couverture du satellite Thor (faisceau nordique). January 20] Engine hotfire test completed for SpaceX’s first launch since. The Thor telecom satellite occupies the upper position in the . The new satellite, to be called Thor will provide high power direct-to-home (DTH) television services from the 1° West orbital position.

Commitment to innovation and investment in next generation satellite. The THOR satellite provides regional coverage with a favourable look angle over the Pan. Thor has an excellent footprint for ships operating in Northern Europe, the . Thor Coverage Maps (Footprints), located at 0. IGP’s antenna alignment helps you to calculate the correct azimuth, elevation and polarization for your satellite dish.