Thrall build

The ultimate guide to playing Thrall in Heroes of the Stortalent builds, playstyle, matchups, maps, etc. Hello, my name is Styr, I have been playing Heroes of the Storm since I the alpha version. My main roles are Assassin and Specialist.

FullMetal Thrall build (Updated for Leoric Patch). Thrall guide with tips and a full threat list. Dec 20— Earthquake has become slightly better than Sundering with the recent patch — it’s better than Sundering in . In this Thrall Build Guide, we provide an overview of his strengths, abilities, talents, matchups and provide a handful of tips and tricks.

Our complete Thrall guide has everything you need to know about playing this Hero, with the latest builds, tips, map advice and counters. This Heroes of the Storm Thrall Guide by Psalm will cover one of the most popular Thrall talent builds in. If you want to master Thrall, this is the ultimate default talent build for the average team composition.

You’ll be riding the win raining lightning . A Heroes of the Storm Community Site featuring Hero Builds, Talent Calculators, and. Builds based on windfury heal too damn much. Voici l’ensemble des builds Thrall créés par la communauté Heroes of the Storm, n’hésitez pas à participer vous aussi en créant votre propre buil en votant . Découvrez notre guide expert pour Thrall. Choix des talents, gameplay et astuces, tout pour prendre en main cet assassin corps-à-corps dans .

Hi, while theorycrafting undead I came up with this idea for V. But if he wants to look like Thrall, then that is impossible. If he wants the same skills as Thrall, then that is . Thrall counter picks, synergies and other matchups. Collaborative list created by player votes.

But why W talents instead of followthrough/giant killer? Why B4B instead of forked lightning – which would make sense for a more ranged poke/sustain thrall. This build is going to have you hitting like an absolute truck. Your damage is going to be stupidly high in any situation.

Playing QM with Thrall, made this build: Lightning, Envenom, Followthru, Sundering, Spellshiel Forked Lightning, Bolt.