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For dager siden – THX tune-up (TM) allows you to properly adjust your TV, projector and speakers, helping you get the most out of your entertainment system. This app is not a professional calibration tool and is not intended to replace an . You don’t need to be a technician—or even a fanatical amateur—to calibrate your TV; just need a few minutes, possibly an iOS or Android app, .

You can get a much better picture out of your TV by calibrating it. If you followed these instructions, your TV should now be calibrated as well as it can be without. Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions. THX tune-up is a two screen app that helps you check and properly adjust your TV, projector and speakers so you get the most out of your home entertainment .

THX’s new Tune-Up app turns your iPhone into a powerful TV calibration tool that anyone can use. Make sure you get the most out of your lovely big TV. You don’t need to be a calibration wizard. And even if you do get into a multicoloured motion-blurring.

Best Apple Watch apps for your smartwatch in 2016. The AVS HD 7isn’t the only calibration disc available, there are others. Once you’ve figured out how to get into your TV’s settings, the first . A guide to how to calibrate your HDTV, so you get the best picture.

For those easily satisfie you’re probably a-okay with your high-def TV.

HDTV — the easy way, the app way and the long way. Apple TV you can optimize the picture quality on you TV set or projector. The factory settings are made for the store, not for your home. There are a number of ways to calibrate your TV.

You could offer David Katzmaier a handsome sum to make a house call. Today the company is releasing THX Tune-Up, a calibration app for iOS it claims can help you get the . Calibrate your television, test your speed and more with these handy utility apps on your Apple TV. Samsung TV Standard Mode and Movie Mode Picture Settings for the Best Picture.

While hardcore videophiles will want to invest in a professional service, this new calibration app from THX covers the basic adjustments that the . And if apps are more your style, you can calibrate your TV by downloading the $1. THX Tune-Up program from the Apple App Store. For best , you should calibrate for each of your TV inputs and.

Hey I came across a pretty easy way to calibrate your HDTV’s using your. THX Tuneup App which is free on the playstore. Product and an apple tv, download the THX calibration app (made by THX themselves) and .